Hot Clube de Portugal Orchestra

Dia 03, 21h30

Luis Cunha . direcção
Pedro Nobre . produção

Daniel Vieira . sax alt/sop
J. Mortágua . sax alt/cl/fl/
César Cardoso . sax t/cl/fl
Mateja Dolsak . sax t/cl/fl
Paulo Gaspar . sax b/cl b
Lars Arens . tromb
André Ribeiro . tromb
André Conde . tromb
Rui Bandeira . tromb
Ricardo Carvalho . tromp
Johannes Krieger . tromp
Gonçalo Marques . tromp
Tomás Pimentel . tromp
Nuno Costa . guit
Óscar Graça . piano
Diogo Alexis . cb
Pedro Felgar . bat

The Big Band of the Hot Club de Portugal was formed in 1991, bringing together some of the best national jazz musicians. In his debut concert at the São Luiz Theater in Lisbon, the orchestra was directed by Zé Eduardo. After that is was directed by Pedro Moreira, and since 2011 by Luís Cunha.

Commissioned by the former Secretary of State for Culture and the current Ministry of Culture, the orchestra played in dozens of municipalities and inaugurated the program of Jazz at Culturgest, with trumpeter Freddie Hubbard as guest soloist. The band also played with Benny Golson, Curtis Fuller and Eddie Henderson, with whom recorded a CD for Polygram.
The orchestra performed in Madrid (2000) at the prestigious Círculo de Bellas Artes and participated in several jazz festivals such as Oporto, Guimarães, Coimbra, Lisbon in Jazz, Jazz in the Park (Serralves), Jazz in August, Festa do Avante, Angrajazz, Funchal Jazz, Estoril Jazz Festival, Jazz Festival (São Luíz Theater), among others. In 2007 played at the Assembly of the Republic and in 2009 at the Concert Celebration of the signing of the Treaty of Lisbon, at Expo.

The Hot Clube de Portugal’s Jazz Orchestra has been working, since 2011, to develop a work based on new repertoires of national composers. In 2014, it was challenged to bring the repertoire of António Pinho Vargas together with the Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa. New arrangements were made for the jazz themes of this composer, by musicians from the HCP’s Jazz Orchestra, namely Tomás Pimentel, Luís Cunha, Óscar Graça and César Cardoso. The first concert presentation of this project took place in March 2015, at the Municipal Theater of S. Luiz. This work became so interesting in the affirmation process of the HCP’s that it was decided to edit it in the end of 2016 in disc, with edition of HOT label. “A Dança dos Pássaros”,the name of the edited CD and one of the best well known themes of this composer’s repertoire, it will certainly contribute to the music of António Pinho Vargas being a fundamental part of Portuguese musical culture.

From: Hot Clube de Portugal