Orchestra Angrajazz

Day 4, 21h30

Claus Nymark . maestre
Pedro Moreira . maestre

Sara Miguel . voz
Davide Corvelo . sax alto
Micaela Matos . sax alto
Filipe Gil . sax alto
Rui Borba . sax alto
Rui Melo . sax tenor

Mauro Lourenço . sax tenor
José P. Pires . sax barítono
Márcio Cota . trompete
Paulo Borges . trompete
Bráulio Brito . trompete
Roberto Rosa . trompete
Sérgio Cabral . trompete
Rodrigo Lucas . trombone
Mário Melo . trombone
Manuel Almeida . trombone
Edgar Marques . trompa
Gonçalo Ormonde . trompa
Antonella Barletta . piano
Nivaldo Sousa . guitarra
Paulo Cunha . contrabaixo
Nuno Pinheiro . bateria

Angrajazz Orchestra is a training/work-in-progress project held by the Cultural Association Angrajazz. Constituted in July 2002 and formed mainly by Terceira Island’s born musicians, the Orchestra gave its first concert at the 4th Angrajazz. Claus Nymark and Peter Moreira have been the Orchestra’s musical directors, from the beginning. In 2006 Angrajazz Orchestra released the CD “Angrajazz Orchestra with Paula Oliveira”.

The Orchestra has played with many well known Portuguese jazz musicians such as Paula Oliveira, Mário Laginha, Zé Eduardo Afonso Pais, Mário Barreiros, Hugo Alves, Luís Cunha, Paulo Gaspar and Ricardo Toscano. Apart from numerous concerts in Terceira Island, the Orchestra has performed in Lisbon for five times, twice in Funchal, and in the islands of São Jorge, São Miguel, Graciosa and Faial.

Throughout its existence, Angrajazz Orchestra has carried on monthly working sessions with its musical directors, and also with the guest musicians that have been featured at the Festival. This fact has made Angrajazz Orchestra become the main “jazz school” in the Azores. Together, the Angrajazz Orchestra and the Festival, can be considered as the main and most important means of unveiling the jazz music in the Azores.

In the year of 2015 the Angrajazz Orchestra participated in the cultural program “Lisboa na Rua” organized by the Lisbon EGEAC/Cultura agency and by Hot Clube de Portugal. The Orchestra was part of the cycle “The Art of the Big Band – 5 Jazz Orchestras” together with the Big Band de Jazz do Município da Nazaré, the Thoneline Orchestra – Germany, The Lisbon Underground Music Ensemble LUME and the Orquestra de Jazz do Hot Club de Portugal.

At the 18º Angrajazz, the Orchestra performed, for the first time in Portugal, the integral of “The Far East Suite” written by the great jazz musician Duke Ellington. In that occasion the Orchestra featured two very important Portuguese jazz musicians – clarinetist Paulo Gaspar and saxophonist Ricardo Toscano. In 2017 the Orchestra played with great success this same program at Teatro Micaelense (S. Miguel) and at Teatro Baltazar Diaz (Funchal).

In this 20º Angrajazz, the Orchestra will perform a special program based on original compositions by portuguese jazz musicians, commissioned and written for this Orchestra.